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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Game Visual Novel เรื่อง Choice of Braveนะโม, แก้วประไพ; วิสุทธิ์, เครือสุวรรณกุล
2023The Impact of Financing Structure on Enterprise’s Overseas Direct Investment: A Case of A-share Listed Companies in ChinaJiaming, Wang
2023The Impact of Online Word- of- Mouth from Multi-Platform on Product SalesYang, Liu
2024The Influence of Organizational Factors on Risk Management Among Construction Industries in ChinaLizhou, Li
2023Innovative Marketing Strategy of ETC System for Increasing CompetitivenessCheng, Yang
2023An Investigation of the Current Situation of Academic Administration in High School: A Case Study of Fuzhou High School of Fujian Province.Yining, Zhang
2016Learning Elements Affecting Practical CompetenciesKongrungchok, Pisutphong; Tunlasakun, Khanchai
2023Management Innovation for Maintaining Green Spaces in the Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Suzhou CityHao, Zhang
2023The Marketing Strategy of Financial Holding Company in the Digital Era on Customer's Satisfied: A Case Study of China a Financial Holding CompanyYukai, Su
2018MV เพลง "ตราบธุลีดิน"สารสันต์, มูสิกอุปถัมภ์; นที, บุญญเวช
2023Optimizing Medical Service Quality in General Hospital: A Perspective from Patient Complaints and Customer Relationship ManagementHao, Zheng
2016Production of Osmotic Dehydrated Nipa PalmSupaking, Janwipa
2016Production of Vinegar from Nipa (Nypa fruticans Wurmb) Sap Using Rapid-tray-culture Method for Community UseThepwiwatjit, Nualrahong
2024Project Operations Management in China's Real Estate Industry: A Case Study of the B Real Estate CompanyKeqi, Liu
2024Rural Digital Model for Upgrading a Rural to an Efficient Digital Society: A Case Study of Economic of SMEs in Urumqi ChinaZhichao, Huang
2024Service Quality of Cold Chain Logistics based on Customer Relationship Management: A Case Study of Shun Feng Express Co., Ltd.Xin, Liu
2023Strategic Guideline for Establishing Effective Cooperation between Vocational Colleges and Educational Stakeholders for the Enhancement of Learning Achievement of the Students: A Case Study of Jiangsu College of Finance & AccountingJie, Zhu
2023Strategic Human Resource Management in the Primary Hospital: A Case of XYZ Hospital in Chengde, ChinaYangmengying, Shi
2024A Study of Smart Door Lock Supply Chain Management Affecting Firm PerformanceQin, Luo
2023Sustainable Competitive Advantage Strategy of Leading Electric Vehicle EnterprisesYang, Mu