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Title: Learning Elements Affecting Practical Competencies
Authors: Kongrungchok, Pisutphong
Tunlasakun, Khanchai
Keywords: Practical competencies
Replicas material
Learning and training environments
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The research objectives are: to study the learning factors affected to the lack of practical competencies, to develop and assess the achievement of the classroom activities that consists of the teaching methods, instructional media, and implements. The questionnaires were divided into two sets. First set was used to query and assess the satisfaction of the instructors and trainers about the practical competency shortage in the electrical installation works of students. Second set was used to quiz the opinion of students about the learning activities in the electrical installation course. The investigate results revealed two important problems were the pedagogy method did not support to create the practical skills competencies, and the training materials insufficiency that affecting to experiences. The investigation results were used to analyze practical skills learning, learning problems, and classroom environment. The e-learning were used to enhance and replace the traditional pedagogy in learning process. The practical training was designed in the face plate simulator aspect by using replicas materials to compensate the lack of training materials. The sixty-four undergraduate students in third year were assigned to the experiment and a control groups. The simulation training method was compared to the traditional training method by pre-test and post-test to find the achievements of the learning. The standard testing model of the department of skill development was adapted to decide the achievement of practical competencies in the real working testing. The training satisfaction of students was evaluated by using the questionnaire after finished the experiment process.
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